Deep domain

A strategic partner with a breadth of expertise in fintech and traditional investing, SBI Digital Markets has the know-how to help you succeed on your digital assets journey.

  • Business case advisory and token conception
  • Issuance and trading advisory
  • Structuring services for internal & external clients
  • Ensure product behaviour matches underlying product

Clear vision,
every step of
the way

We provide our clients with support at every stage from advice and research on implementation of tokenisation, to structuring the offering and ensuring compliance.

Tokenise with
trust and ease

Drive financial success — more swiftly and efficiently than before — with a tokenised capital market issue.

  • Security token offering (STO) conception and issuance
  • Brokerage capabilities for institutional clients
  • Structuring digitised products for institutional clients
  • Tokenise fixed income products (corp debt, bonds)
  • Tokenise Index, Fund, D-ETF, and equities products

Why tokenise?

  • Streamline workflows

  • Explore new
    financing options

  • Optimise balance sheets, tokenise working capital, supply chain financing

  • Broaden investor
    through fractionalisation

  • Innovate business models, tokenise loyalty systems


The World Economic Forum estimates that up to 10% of global GDP will be stored and transacted via DLT by 2027

$24 Trillion USD

Tokenised markets could be worth US$24 trillion by 2027

Tokenisation of Capital

For institutional investors, tokenisation benefits are diverse — from a broader investor base to improved liquidity, swifter settlement, lower costs and bolstered risk management.

iconic moves

As a one-stop solution, we support you in everything from the conception of your financial vehicle to the successful completion of your digital capital market issuance.

In a nascent
are key

Asset tokenisation requires a strong ecosystem of partners and specialists, which we have built with our parent companies, SBI Group and SBI Digital Asset Holdings.

Assurance and transparency
in our custodial

Our custody service offers a fine-tuned, institutional-grade solution to safe keep digital assets*, providing industry-leading assurance and transparency in the digital asset space.

  • Custody via SBI ecosystem

Access our Risk Disclosure Statement

(*DPT and STOs)

for digital custody

  • Secure Storage

    Institutional-Grade Custody Solution

  • Risk Management

    Multi-layered security architecture to manage cybersecurity risks

  • Dedicated Client Services

    Institutional onboarding client experience


Security concerns, rather than volatility and the regulatory framework, are often what hold institutional investors back from investing in digital assets. We’re constantly innovating, and advancing collective best practices to keep our clients’ digital investments safe.

A bridge helping you to transition
from traditional investing to
digital asset

Our one-stop end-to-end solutions enable you to integrate digital assets directly into your product offering, bridging the gap from traditional asset classes to digital assets in a trusted and safe environment.

The power
to transform

financial services

Leverage our blockchain as a service (BaaS) capabilities

  • Enhance legacy systems

    with faster, secure, efficient technologies

  • Transparent transactions

    with auditable, reconcilable ledger entries

  • Automation and smart contracts

    for processes and controls

Harnessing blockchain
For better outcomes

  • Lower costs
    Less intermediation, high automation, smart contracts, lower compliance costs

  • Less friction and intermediaries
    Better accessibility and price discovery

  • Increased liquidity
    More transparency and traceability of assets, connection to global network

  • Fractional ownership
    Broader range of assets, lower minimum investment size, access to private markets

  • Faster settlement
    Participants achieve near instantaneous settlement via transfer of assets across distributed ledgers

  • Programmability
    Smart contracts provide the ability to define conditions under which business logic is executed

  • Immutable proof of ownership
    Transactions are recorded such that they cannot be changed, providing a trusted record of asset ownership

  • STP and automation
    Straight through processing is achieved by digitizing assets and automating all steps in the trade process and lifecycle

the challenges

of blockchain implementation

In-house solutions are capital and resource-intensive; a fully operational blockchain platform requires dozens of skilled personnel to run and provide ongoing maintenance; and setting up security systems requires significant know- how. We tap into our proven capabilities to achieve blockchain success.

radical financial

  • Reduced Costs

    Lower average transaction fees compared to traditional finance

  • Enhanced Security

    Highly secure transactions with strengthened security

  • Increased Efficiency

    Faster transaction speeds, faster settlements

  • Transparency, Traceability

    Full transaction traceability and transparency, clear ownership

Expertise in a
rapidly evolving
DeFi market

We have witnessed an unprecedented rate of change in capital markets with the development of decentralised finance. As one of the early players, we have the expertise not only to keep up with this pace, but also to anticipate the next evolution.

Let us help you
innovate on your journey

  • Dual finance and tech capabilities

    Experts in financial and technology services, digital native banking

  • Seamless integration

    Manage delivery and implementation of enterprise-grade systems

  • Leverage global networks

    Meet complex technological requirements and evolving industry standards

  • Institutional-grade systems

    Safeguard assets with secure infrastructure

to grow and

  • Global partnerships

    Access to a global network of industry-leading partners to create scalable, long-lasting solutions

  • Dynamic clients

    Building a deep base among Broker Dealers, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds and Family Offices

  • Unrivalled technology

    Leverage our portfolio of industry-leading technology and digital capital market capabilities

  • Secure by design

    A commitment to meeting the highest security and compliance standards